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Welcome to our Christmas 2018 competition. We hope you enjoy it as much as last year.

Starting on Boxing Day 2018, one question per day will be posted up to and including the 6 January 2019. All answers can be found on free sites and all sites used in compiling this competition can be found in our library.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Genealogy Research Assistance

The winners were

1ST prize was One year subscription to was won by Lauren Cooper.

2ND prize was One year subscription to was won by Donna Gagnon.

3RD prize was One month subscription to was won by Christine Chance.

The questions were

Boxing Day: 26 December 2018, Question 1 In 1891 Ina Manger aged 4 is residing in Essex South Ontario. What are her parents names?

Answer: Alva and Hattie Manger

27 December 2018, Question 2 Dr Seuss famously wrote the children's story 'How the Grinch stole Christmas'. What was his full name and what was his occupation listed as on the 1930 US census?

Answer: Theodore Seuss Geisel

28 December 2018, Question 3 What year did Angel Gabriel born 1878 immigrate to New York?

Answer: 1908

29 December 2018, Question 4 Who illustrated the first commercial Christmas card in 1843 and how much was each card sold for?

Answer: John Calcott Horsley 1s

30 December 2018, Question 5 Where in the US was Chris Kringle in 1910?

Answer: Geneva, Kane, Illinois

31 December 2018, Question 6 Where in Ireland was Katie Christmas living in 1911?

Answer: Rathcor, Co Louth

New Years Day: 1 January 2019, Question 7 On what date did Jacob Marley arrive in the USA?

Answer: 30 May 1851

2 January 2019, Question 8 : On 5th April 1859 in England, Charles Allen was indicted for feloniously entering the counting house of John Elkins stealing one coat, one scarf and his property. Who did the other property he stole belong to?

Answer: Ebeneezer Elkins

3 January 2019, Question 9 Theodore Turkey arrived in New York in 1905. What was his last place of residence?

Answer: Modena, Italy

4 January 2019, Question 10 What was the middle name and mother's maiden name of Holly Berry whose birth was registered 1878 in Devon, England?

Answer: Georgina and Baker

5 January 2019, Question 11 Who did David Star born 1885 New York reside at Assembly District 16, Brooklyn, New York City, Kings, New York in 1940 with?

Answer: Greenberg Family

6 January 2019, Question 12 In 1930 census Robert Critchett born 1893 can be found living at Ferry, Oceana, Michigan. What was the name of his wife?

Answer: Nora