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Welcome to our August Bank Holiday 2018 competition. We hope you enjoy it as much as last year

Starting on the 25th one question per day will be posted up to and including Bank Holiday Monday All answers can be found on free sites and all sites used in compiling this competition can be found in our library.

The winner is Linda Johnson: England

The questions were

Saturday 25 August 2018, Question 1 When and where did Autumn Winter die?

Answer: 6 Apr 1877; Bardsley, Lancashire, England

Sunday 26 August 2018, Question 2 When and Where was John Holliday Bank christened?

Answer: 16 Nov 1779; Gainsborough, Lincoln, England

Monday 27 August 2018, Question 3 Perry Fall appears in the 1891 Canadian census. How old was he and where was he born?

Answer: Aged 24, born in England