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Welcome to our Christmas 2017 competition. We hope you enjoy it as much as last year.

Starting on Boxing Day 2017, one question per day will be posted up to and including the 6 January 2018. All answers can be found on free sites and all sites used in compiling this competition can be found in our library.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Genealogy Research Assistance

The winners were

First prize was a year sub to was won by Patricia Nicholas.

Second prize was 1 year subscription to was won by Tara Frugalone .

Third prize was one month world sub to FMP was won by Kris Keylard.

The questions were

26-Dec-2017, Question 1 Sarah Annie Pegden married in New Zealand. To whom and when did she marry?

Answer: Joshua Partridge 1874

27-Dec-2017, Question 2 Whose death at his father's residence in Ballymena, Co Antrim was reported in a New Zealand newspaper?

Answer: Francis Turtle

28-Dec-2017, Question 3 Who was convicted of wilful corrupt perjury and sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour about on 9 January 1893?

Answer: Joseph Hens

29-Dec-2017, Question 4 What date did Richard Calling arrive in the USA on the Aurora?

Answer: 9 May 1860

30-Dec-2017, Question 5 Golda Ringer arrived in America in 1928. What was the name of the ship?

Answer: Olympic

31-Dec-2017, Question 6 In 1851 Conrad K Geese was living in Waterloo District, Ontario. Where was he born?

Answer: Germany

01-Jan-2018, Question 7 Name the daughters of James and Ann Swan christened at East Newlyn on 1 May 1837?

Answer: Mary Ann, Nanny, Christiana

02-Jan-2018, Question 8 Marg Blaufuss, a milkmaid, arrived in the USA on 17 Nov 1859. Where was her last known residence?

Answer: Thebalshof

03-Jan-2018, Question 9 Domingo Dancing was born in 1891 California. What was the name of his daughter?

Answer: Mary Dancing

04-Jan-2018, Question 10 Rudolph Robinson Lord married Mary Jane Sproule in 1901 and had 3 children. What was Rudolph's occupation?

Answer: Bank Manager

05-Jan-2018, Question 11 Frank Piper arrived in Sydney in 1855 aboard the Gilmore with his family. Where was he born?

Answer: On the voyage aboard the Gilmore

06-Jan-2018, Question 12 Walter Drummer was born in England in 1847. What was his mother's maiden name ?

Answer: Hurst